The Founders









Mr. Mohammad Javid and Mr. Rana Khurram Mushtaq are graduate engineers from University of Agriculture Faisalabad and Master of Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok. They have worked in various capacities in different prestigious public and private sector organizations.

The development of irrigation systems of the many Iconic Landmark Hotels and Resorts, Signature Golf Courses, Sports Field, Municipal Parks and Roadside Projects, number of Dubai’s Prestigious Villas including Palaces and Residential Communities together with Farm Houses, Farms and Plant Nurseries fall under their credit.

Mr. Mohammad Javid has over thirty year experience in Irrigation system design, installation, operation & maintenance, estimation, tendering and execution of landscape projects.

Mr. Rana Khurram Mushtaq has over twenty year experience in irrigation system designing, planning, execution, commissioning, operation & maintenance besides imparting training to project staff, clients and farmers.




“We understand that water being the universal solvent is the key factor in controlling all costs associated with plant growth.

The higher cost of energy and other associated inputs involved in agriculture and landscape development can be minimized by deploying efficient irrigation and cultural practices. Properly designed, installed, maintained and managed irrigation systems greatly reduce the volume of irrigation water that is otherwise wasted every year and directly result in saving cost on water, energy, chemical application, maintenance and labor.”